3WIRE it 's a reality composed of professionals who fully deal with Home Automation, security and electrical systems, Audio-Video.

Inspired by the aesthetics and focused on technology.

Our strong point is the ability to directly monitor the entire workflow, from design to installation of conventional systems to the most advanced home automation systems for demanding customers.

We are System Integrators, so our job consists in the ability to interconnect different systems like lighting systems, multiroom and hi-fi audio, television,heating/cooling systems, security system and much more. This results in a ease of use and ensure our customers a new experience in enjoying their environments.

Visit us at our Demo Room and try our smart home solutions.

Emanuele Garziera

Emanuele Garziera

Project Manager

Born in 1985, Industrial Engineer, his technical studies gave him a methodical approach for tackling new projects. As soon as he graduated he began working in the electrical systems field,
soon he has been noticed for his aptitude to deal with technology: security systems, networking, PCs, audio systems.

Some working experiences in Europe and the Middle East complement his rank and enrich his professionalism.
Convinced that only the union of technique and passion ensure excellent results is co-founder and CEO of 3WIRE.
So far it has obtained the following National and / or European certifications:

KNX Partner - Worldwide standard for Home and Building control -
Partner RTI - Custom Home and Commercial Automation Systems -
Partner HomePLC - Fieldbus for industrial and home automation -